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What We Can Control

The world is chaotic. There’s always some kind of drama that we somehow find ourselves roped into. Sometimes it’s something massive, like a pandemic changing life as we know it, sometimes it’s employees and coworkers slacking on their responsibilities, or maybe it’s crazy in-laws. It can all feel very overwhelming and the world can feel out of control.

When we feel like this, it’s important to take a big step back from reality. The thing is, there are very few things in life that we can’t control. We can’t control our circumstances, but we can control our thoughts, feelings, actions, and our results, which is a lot of things!

Being in control of all of these things can feel like a lot to manage. Sometimes we let the few things that we can’t control rule our life and we stop acting accountable for all the things that we can control because we spend all of our time focusing on one or two things that we can’t do anything about. By doing this we let ourselves become driftwood being tossed and turned in the violent waves of life.

The reason why being in charge of our brains can seem like a lot of work is because sometimes we simply have too much going on in there. Our brain can be organized just like a drawer! When we clean a drawer, we take everything out of it and examine each one before putting it back. We find things that we didn’t even know were lost, we find broken things, and we find things that we have no use for anymore. We make conscious decisions about what is worth it to keep and all the rest of it gets tossed in the trash and never gets thought about ever again.

To clean the drawers of your brain out, write all of our thoughts down on a piece of paper. Focus on one area of your life, and completely empty out all of your thoughts. Just like you would in your drawer, pick which thoughts and feelings are worth it to keep. Ask yourself if these thoughts are serving you, if they’re outdated, and how they make you feel. Don’t hold onto all the garbage that you find in there! Just like you wouldn’t let a drawer overflow with trash before you clean it out, don’t hold onto the garbage in your brain.

It is a choice what things you keep in your brain. When you clean it out and let go of all of the junk, you will realize how much power you have! You have more control over the environment in your brain than you probably realized that you had. The greatest power that you have is the power to make decisions. In times of chaos sometimes we can forget that we have the ability to make decisions. We are always entitled to our power to take charge in our lives, starting by making changes in our minds!

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