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Who Are You Becoming?

What do you want in the future? Who will you be in the future? Most importantly, who do you need to be now, to become this person?

When we work towards goals, doubts creep into our minds. Most of these doubts are irrational or irrelevant. The most irrelevant, however, is believing that you are incapable of doing something because you have not managed to do it before.

Who you were last time you tried is irrelevant. Who you were last year, month, week, even yesterday, is not relevant to who you will be in the future.

Many people look to their past to determine what they are capable of. But the past holds no answers! What we are capable of has yet to be determined, because we have the capacity to grow!

Maybe you’ve never tried before so you assume you can’t do it. If the whole world had this mindset, nothing would ever get done! You learned how to walk even though you had never done it before, didn’t you? You didn’t let falling down stop you! The same determination is required when working towards having the future you desire.

So how do you create this determination? By creating emotion within yourself. When Christmas is coming up, you let yourself celebrate before it’s actually Christmas day. Excitement toward what’s coming and celebrating the time leading up to the main event is what makes the holiday so fun. You can have the same mindset with your future! What will happen in the future will be wonderful and incredible, so become excited about it! Let this excitement fuel your motivation.

If you want your future to be better than your present day, change needs to be made, so who do you need to become? How is your future self different or better than your current self?

You have much more power over your life than you probably think. You can default to who you’ve been in the past. You can make excuses, complain, and give up in the end. But what if you didn’t? Who could you become? What could you be capable of? You can decide, in this very moment, that you will not default to who you’ve been in the past. When you make that choice about your future, you start changing your present self. You begin to align with your future self.

You might be wondering how you can align yourself and your actions with what you want in the future. After all, you’ve never experienced your future, so how are you supposed to know who you need to become? Think about it like you’re an actor learning a part. What’s the role you need to play? What does that person think, say, and do? What do they do when they reach a roadblock? How do they respond to challenges?

If you want to make a change, you have the power to do so. Don't hold yourself back by defaulting to who you were in the past. Embrace the idea that you are capable of creating your own future and becoming the person you've always wanted to be.

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