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About Me

Several years ago, I was experiencing multiple challenges that pushed me to my limits. While searching for help and ways to cope, I discovered concepts and tools that not only helped me get through the difficulties I was facing, they completely changed my outlook and the way I approach life.  


After experiencing such a profound and positive shift in my own life, I gained a deep desire to share the things I've learned with others. This enthusiasm led me to become a Certified Life Coach and work with people like you who want to live life to the fullest. 

Over the past few years I have worked as a Momentum Coach for some of the largest and most successful names in the entrepreneurial space.  My work has allowed me to coach and mentor talented, determined entrepreneurs as they launch and grow their businesses.  

Prior to working as a Life Coach, I worked in the accounting field for over 15 years. I gained valuable experience that has proven to be beneficial as it has carried into other areas of my life.  


I live in sunny Arizona. I am a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother to 3!  My family and friends are truly my greatest blessings. Much of my joy comes from spending time with them. I am an avid runner and tennis player. I love to be active and make a point to be outdoors almost everyday! 

Kind Words from My Clients

It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to coach people on this amazing journey of life.  I love to see my clients become empowered through coaching to make decisions that improve their lives and those around them. 


When I met Misty, her services were part of a paid program I was taking. I had heard about life coaches, but had never experienced one myself. I was open to it, but since I am type A and very Task oriented, I didn't know if I would benefit from it. Boy, was I wrong.


As my launch unfolded and all the obstacles started to come up in life and in the business, I had Misty to lean on to help me navigate them. 


She gave a perspective that I wasn't seeing and helped me see all that was being accomplished. She helped me celebrate and she would shed light on things that I didn't notice.


Her calming and kind nature was so appreciated in the storm of many setbacks during that time and I have become more kind and patient with myself.


I would 100% recommend Misty in life or business.


Thank you Misty. 



​Misty has been powerful in helping me transform my thinking and my ways of showing up for myself and others. Her coaching and insights have helped me navigate and understand my emotions clearly which have directly impacted my relationships with loved ones and especially with myself. She is an extraordinary coach!



​Misty taught me how to be more focused and deliberate about how I spend my time and energy. She helped me simplify my life and focus on my priorities. These skills equipped me to accomplish more every day without feeling overwhelmed. As a result, I have more energy and more time to spend with my family, friends, and myself.



​I would highly recommend Misty as a coach, particularly for women who are hard on themselves and always taking action without pausing for breath.
She helped me through periods of high intense activity in my business with love, wisdom, and grace.



​Misty saved my life.
She not only saved my life, she helped me to find joy in my journey. I've considered myself to have a grounded and positive outlook on life so I crumbled and fell apart when life did not turn out the way I had expected it should. I found myself stuck in a pit of despair. Misty sent me a lifeline and pulled me out of that pit. She lead the way and taught me how to navigate and prevent falling into or staying stuck in future pits. Each coaching session was a breath of fresh air and helped me to recognize what was within my control. Misty could gently and calmly guide me toward understanding my thoughts that were causing me pain. My situation did not change but my thoughts about it did. Being able to feel more love and less judgement has brought me so much peace and happiness.

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I would love to hear from you. 

Please feel free to contact me through email below.

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Arizona, USA

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