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What I Mean By, "Live Life to the Fullest"

I’ve come to understand an important aspect of the brain and how it operates.

Through the training I’ve had, the work I’ve done and my personal experience, I’ve come to understand an important aspect of the brain and how it operates. It prefers to stay safe, comfortable and avoid pain in any form - physical and emotional. It’s the brain’s way of protecting us and ensuring our survival. Besides, doesn’t it sound, security and positive feelings all the time? A constant state of bliss! How realistic is that?! Logically, we understand that life simply doesn’t work that way. We are faced with all kinds of challenges that in turn cause us to think all kinds of thoughts which cause us to feel all kinds of different emotions. Some positive, that we are eager to embrace and enjoy. Others that are negative, that cause us to resist and retreat. We are human beings and this is an important part of the human experience! We are created to feel an entire range of emotions, yet because our brain is wired to instinctively avoid pain in all forms, we find ourselves avoiding, escaping or supressing many of our emotions. “Live life to the fullest'' means intentionally opening our hearts and minds to the entire human experience including all the emotions that come with it. This means accepting whatever is happening in our life in any given moment no matter what and working through it, without avoiding, escaping or resisting our emotions. I’m not suggesting that this is easy work, it’s definitely not. It’s work that takes self-awareness, learning new skills, practice, patience and diligence. When we’re willing to do this work, we’ll learn to take full responsibility for ourselves and discover our place in the world. We'll come to realize how much power we have to create the life we want to live. It’s meaningful, life changing work. It will enhance and enrich the way we experience life, resulting in a life lived with intention and purpose.

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