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What Do You Want to Believe?

When we make goals we should dream big! Our goals should seem a little intimidating. If your goals don’t freak you out a little bit, you might not be dreaming big enough. The whole point of making goals is to bring about change and growth, which can only be achieved by putting ourselves outside of our comfort zones.

Making big goals is something that will set us up for success, but it takes some practice of self belief to achieve these big goals!

Sometimes when we make big goals, we pretend to believe them instead of actually believing them, even when they are mapped out and fully achievable.

When we pretend to believe in our goals, it’s a lot easier to give up along the way when it seems like they aren’t going to work out. It’s easy to stop believing in them before the deadline has even passed, sometimes before the deadline is even near at all. When all the evidence looks like it’s just not going to work out, that is when many people stop trying to even pretend to believe, and they give up. The evidence might look like you are going to fail, but that just means that you need to create more evidence!

Creating more evidence means that you need to commit yourself to the belief even more than you previously did!

Make a conscious choice to believe what you want to believe. The moment you believe something is impossible is the moment that it truly does become impossible.

How can you bridge the gap between pretending to believe, to really believing in your goals?

Believe in your goals on purpose; talk about and think about your plans for the future as if your goal is already completed. The more time you spend committing your energy toward trying to figure out the ‘how’ and ‘what if’ aspects of your goals, the less time and energy you are focusing toward believing them.

When we want to believe instead of truly believing, our thoughts feel desperate and our brains are operating from a place of scarcity. In situations where we feel like this, our thoughts might be, “How is this going to work? This is so overwhelming I need to figure this out right now or else I will fail.” When we really believe something, we are operating from a place of abundance and our thoughts can be more along the lines of, “Wow, this is an interesting next step, it’s gonna take some figuring out. I’m going to try this first.” It’s much less frantic and more optimistic.

Believe in your goals all the way up to the deadline. This does not mean hoping, or wanting, or pretending to believe, but actually believing through to completion. As soon as you start to think about any alternate situation than your goals being achieved, you open the door to doubt.

Choose to believe in yourself and make your goals happen!

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