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Thoughts to Believe In

Living a wonderful, fulfilling life is not so far out of reach as most might think! In fact, it can be really simple if you implement four beliefs into your life!

Number one: an amazing life depends on the goals you commit to, not necessarily the goals you achieve.

Our imagination, anticipation, and potential are what determines how we feel about our life. When we set goals we feel hopeful and positive about our future in the reality where our goals are completed, but we still feel hopeful when our goals haven’t been achieved yet! Our beliefs about what the future holds in store for us and the potential of what our lives will look like are what makes our lives feel exciting! Do not wait until your goals are finished to feel the experience of them. There is no point in saving the happy emotions for later; allow yourself to feel them now!

A good example of this belief is the Christmas season. We love Christmas, and we celebrate for a month leading up to it! People decorate their homes, put up lights, and buy gifts for others well before Christmas day. Christmas would not be so cherished if we didn’t have fun with it in all the days leading up to it. The same is true with your goals! Celebrate how they feel and the experience of your progression well before they are close to being completed.

Number two: the discomfort of growth is better than the discomfort of staying stagnant.

Life is all about balance. The happiest person in the world feels sad some days, the most creative person in the world feels bored some days, so on and so forth. We can’t live a life that is free of discomfort, but we can choose our discomfort! It is uncomfortable to be bored, it is uncomfortable to feel fear about the future, and it is uncomfortable to stress about all the “what ifs”. But, it’s also uncomfortable to do something new and get outside of your comfort zone! Growing and evolving is the purpose to all aspects and aspirations of life! Maybe pursuing your goals is uncomfortable, but following our instincts to grow and create and move is what makes us feel alive.

Number three: you create your experiences, they don’t happen to you.

We choose how we react to anything that we experience! We can make it way worse than it has to be if we want. We can throw ourselves a pity party, or we can turn our thoughts to gratitude for the good parts and not focus so much on the bad parts. When you are uncertain of the future, you can choose what you want to believe about what will happen, so choose to be optimistic. You could be right, you could be wrong, but there’s no need to stress about the unknown. Always focus on how you can make the present moment better, and the present moment will always feel better with an optimistic perspective on the future.

Number four: the future is always better than the past.

This can always be true because the future only ever exists in your brain! This can be on a big scale, like this job will be better than my last job, or it can be on a small scale, like tomorrow will be better than today was. Just like aforementioned, you could be right, you could be wrong, but it will only ever serve you well to believe that the next hand of cards life deals you will be the best yet. One of the keys to evolving and growing and being better is to imagine something better and make it reality. When we imagine that the future will be better than the past, we can break down our imaginary future into goals that align with what we want our life to look like one day.

These four beliefs can transform our lives by giving us a mindset of prosperity and fulfillment!

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