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The Secret of Decision Making

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Wouldn’t having a crystal ball be so nice?

Decisions would be so easy, because you could see the outcome of your choices. So often we get stuck in indecision, because we can’t see the outcome. If you ever find yourself worrying, fretting, or procrastinating in making decisions (big or small), I have a secret that will help. This is a universal truth about decisions that most people don’t know. Ready? Listen closely. ALL decisions are neutral. Every decision! They don’t make you happy or sad, pleased or disappointed. Your thoughts create your feelings. And, you get to choose your thoughts about your decisions. The results of your decisions reflect your thoughts about them. Try on this new belief: There are no “bad” decisions. If all decisions are neutral, then there’s no reason to fear a hypothetical outcome of a “bad” decision, right? When you let go of fear, you open yourself up to accessing your intuition. You already know what choices will be easy or challenging for you to manage your thoughts around. Whatever your decision, it will bring gifts and losses. You have the power to determine what those gifts and losses mean for you. It is possible to believe that all gifts and losses are opportunities. Opportunities to gain experience and learn from - tools you can use to create the future you want to have. Decisions are opportunities. What opportunities are you going to claim?

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