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Keeping Up With Change

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Three ideas to stay relevant in your business.

The world is dynamic. People are dynamic. Both are ever shifting. Just look at how differently we do things today from pre pandemic life. Where it was previously less common to order groceries online or to educate children through distance learning, both are now regular aspects of life for many people. And, it doesn’t take a pandemic for change to happen. Each generation’s experience is quite different from the ones before it. When I was young, my parents really didn’t know where I was once I left the house. Whereas, I am able to keep in close contact with my own children wherever they are via electronic devices. The one constant in life is change. Sometimes that change is subtle and other times more dramatic. But regardless of the speed changes are happening, your business needs to keep pace and stay relevant to your customer’s needs. How do you do that? Here’s three things you can do to make sure you don’t get left in the dust of your competition. - Nurture your creativity. Building your business requires you to strategize, innovate, and problem solve. It takes a lot of creativity! Oftentimes in structuring our businesses, we move too quickly out of creative mode and into automating what we’ve created. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of brain power to create, and automating is a great way to free up some of that brain power, but you don’t want to lose the creativity that feeds your production. Make space and time to exercise and nurture your creativity each week. - Evaluate your customer’s needs regularly. Your customer’s life, experiences, and needs will change over time. How you meet those needs will need to change with them. Take time to evaluate your customer with fresh eyes at regular intervals. Doing this helps you see how to adapt what you offer in a way that supports them and their changes best. - Trust your intuition. Even if your business isn’t in a completely unique industry of its own, you are unique. What you bring to your business is special. You are your greatest asset! Learn from best practices in your industry, then make it your own as you implement them. Be willing to step outside the box and trust your intuition to build your business that uniquely reflects you. Change is inevitable, but as you nurture your creativity, evaluate your customer’s needs regularly, and trust your intuition you’ll be able to roll with the change that comes your way.

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