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Go Get It

How many times have you had to start fresh on a goal? It seems like every restart feels like it’s going to be “the one”, and it can be really discouraging when it doesn’t work out. Here are four concepts that can help you to go get it and stay committed to your goals all the way to completion!

#1: You are going to have to create your result; it doesn’t just happen.

We always hear about seemingly overnight success stories. People just happened to be at the right place at the right time, or they had a lucky day, or they met the right person with the right connections. We rarely hear about the trial and error of success and the entire process that it is. Even if we do hear about these things, we might just ignore them, because we want it to be easy! We don’t want the mess up and learn from our mistakes, we want to get it right the first time. So, we glorify these people with “overnight” success and try to replicate what they did. Most likely the reality is, the success wasn’t really overnight at all. The people with these kinds of success stories still had to put in work. They had to develop the habits and put themselves in the right mindset to be able to obtain success.

#2: Be willing to question things and try a new approach.

Just because something has been done the same way for a long time doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to reach the same endpoint. And, like stated earlier, success doesn’t just happen, so you have to be willing to ask different people the same question until someone finally says yes. Never ever take the first or second no! You just haven’t talked to the right person yet. Persistence is key, and sometimes thinking outside of the box goes a long way.

#3: Create your own version of success.

Trying to mimic somebody else’s success will never completely work. Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses and lifestyles. What worked for someone won’t necessarily work for you. Somebody’s method might take you 80% of the way, but you’re always going to have to figure out that final 20% yourself. Customize your own success to make it work for you! You’re always going to be better at being yourself than you are at trying to be someone else.

#4: Be all in on where you’re at now.

When you are chipping away at a goal, it’s tempting to focus on how much you want the result at the very end. It can be easy to feel bad about how far away you are from where you want to be. Don't criticize yourself for being where you’re at. Just be the very best you can be at the phase you’re currently in. Being angry and upset with yourself drags on the energy you need to keep things moving.

So, go get it! Recommit. You can do this!

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