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Creation & Consumption

When you go to a potluck, you don’t have to bring enough food to feed everyone. Many small contributions make it so everyone has enough to eat. That’s the great thing about attending a potluck; it’s a huge conglomeration of food that many people have helped create! A potluck only works if the people attending are consuming less or as much as they brought. This shines light on the concept that everyone needs to make contributions for it to be successful.

Consumption comes in many different forms. The obvious is food, but we are consumers of other things, like clothes, cars, and household items. We consume media such as television shows, YouTube videos, and other forms of entertainment. We are even consumers of knowledge, like podcasts and classes!

There’s nothing wrong with consumption. Eating your favorite food is great! Buying an outfit you feel good in, learning something that interests you, and watching a tv show that makes you laugh are all great examples of how consumption is good and important. However, stop and think:

Are you consuming more than you’re creating? Are you making time to be creative? Are you seeking and exploring things that interest you?

When you’re curious about something, follow it towards creation! It’s easy to think “I don’t know how to do that,” or, “people might judge me,” maybe even, “I’m too busy for that, I don't have enough time.”

Creation doesn’t necessarily mean being crafty (although it can!). It just means that you’ve put energy into something that wasn’t there before. It means you’re not staying stagnant. We can turn all kinds of different forms of consumption into creation.

As a business owner it can be easy to spend a lot of time consuming because there’s a lot to learn. You might be spending too much time learning about the business you want to grow instead of actually taking action and growing it. You can be creating new leads, more employees, or a new target market. You can create brand recognition, new goods and services, or a plan to increase customer loyalty.

Looking to others can be inspiring, but don’t mistake your ideas for creation. You might look at business models and paths of similar businesses, which can be a good place to start, but remember to create a vision and plan for your own business.

Maybe you’re working toward a goal and you’re starting from ground zero. In this case, consumption is necessary to learn and dip your toes in the water, but do not stop there. Inspiration comes when we’re busy, when we’re working, and when we start taking action. Pursue your goals towards creation.

Make your contribution to the potluck!

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