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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Sometimes it’s just the emotion you need!

Sometimes being confused is a waste of time. Like when you have to clean out a messy closet and just don’t know where to start. So you don’t. But confusion can serve you well when it comes to communicating with others. Here are a few examples: When your kids don’t clean their room like they said they would, instead of getting mad, be confused. You can hold them accountable without yelling or getting frustrated. If your husband comes home late from work and doesn't tell you, don’t get angry, be confused. He will tell you why without feeling defensive. A calm conversation is more helpful than an emotional argument. You can even be confused with yourself. When you set a goal to limit your sugar intake, and then eat a bunch of cookies, be confused. Drop the part where you harshly judge yourself. Ask yourself, “What was going on that led me to forget about my goal? What do I need that would help me for next time?” Confusion. Sometimes it’s just the emotion you need.

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