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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “it’s not a competition” a million times. People have said it to you, you’ve said it to others, and you’ve probably even said it to yourself at least a handful of times. It’s not a foreign concept. So why does our brain still love to compare?

When you find yourself comparing yourself to others, pay attention to the context of the situation. Typically, we don’t compare ourselves to others when we feel confident in what we’re doing. We compare ourselves to others when we feel insecure or like we’re lacking in some way.

When your mind starts to compare in certain areas, it can be a signal that it’s an area that you may need to work on. Reflect on it, and decide if your thoughts are rational. Maybe you’re insecure because you do need to make a change. It’s okay! Allow it to be motivation to recommit to who you want to be.

Most of the time, however, your thoughts are not rational when you’re comparing yourself to others. There’s a phrase I remind myself of when I notice I’m comparing myself to others: “it’s not that serious”. This helps me remember that the situation doesn’t merit so much emotional weight.

What if one of my friends makes way more money than I do? It’s not that serious, it has nothing to do with gauging how successful I am.

What if nobody likes my business idea? It’s not that serious, it just means I haven’t talked to the right people that do like my business idea.

When you catch yourself comparing yourself to others, just remember we all have insecurities. Redirect your focus and energy on yourself and the efforts you’re engaged in.

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