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A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Dreams are inspiring, they make us want to reach higher and go farther.

The business you have, came to be because of a dream you had.

But the reality of dreams doesn’t happen the way the song describes:

A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you're fast asleep

In dreams you will lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for, you keep

You are mistaken if you buy into the idea that dreams are made in your sleep, or that they remove all heartache, or that they can never be lost.

However, a lot of people do buy into those ideas. They romanticize what a dream come true should look like. And, when the reality of life doesn’t resemble endless sunshine and rainbows, they think their dream is gone and they let it go.

Sadly, those people will never obtain the things they most wish for.

We dream of things that we don’t yet have. That means that we don’t yet have the skill or abilities to create them.

Developing new skills and abilities is a clumsy process. It doesn’t happen in your sleep. Instead it takes a lot of trial and error.

You have to be willing to be really bad at your dream in order for you to bring it to life.

Your willingness to be really bad at your dream is the key to unlocking your dream.

The people who buy into the lyrics of the song think that if they are bad at their dream, it means that something has gone wrong, or they had the wrong dream - and they give up.

Life, with all its good and bad, continues to happen even when we obtain our dream. The dream doesn’t insulate us from heartache or pain. Nor do dreams ensure that you will get everything you ever wished for - and thank goodness! A fulfilled dream might be filled with 80% of what you wanted, and 20% of the unexpected. That’s what makes them fun and interesting!

Remember, being bad at your dream means you’re showing up for your dream. It’s evidence of your belief that you will eventually develop the skills and abilities to achieve your dream.

Being bad at your dream means you are on the right track and things are lining up for your success!

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