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Envy can feel like a shameful emotion, one that you should push down and suppress because it doesn’t feel good, and it isn’t an emotion that would be good to act upon. But, today we are going to learn about why it can be good to acknowledge envious feelings, and even how we can turn that jealous energy into something that can be a catalyst for growth!

First, we need a good definition of the word envy. Envy is the feeling you get when somebody has something you don’t have, and you don’t want them to have it. Envy is completely different than desiring something that somebody else has. If you have envy, then you want someone to be knocked down to your level instead of raising yourself up to their level.

Although we don’t want to lash out because of jealous feelings, we need to recognize them. When something unfortunate happens to someone who has more than you, do you feel bad for them, or do you feel the playing field has been evened? By nature, humans are very competitive. It doesn’t mean that you’re a terrible person if you feel envious once in a while. When we recognize and acknowledge envious thoughts and feelings we open the door to change and growth to a better mindset.

In the world, there’s always going to be someone who is more successful than you. They might have more money, more exposure, or their business might have picked up a little faster than yours. The fact that someone always seems to have it a little better, can make us feel inadequate.

The truth is, their success doesn’t mean you lack in any way. It can be hard to recognize that just because someone else has more, it doesn’t mean you have less. If someone you know has something that you wish you had, they didn’t take away your opportunity to have that thing. In fact, their success makes it more possible for you to have the same kind of success; maybe they paved the way? Their possession of what you want can be a motivator for you to go get it! Let other people’s successes create a cycle of creation, motivation, and contribution in your life.

Envy can be transformed into inspiration. Life is abundant! There are more than enough opportunities for everyone. Use the stories of other people’s success to learn from. How did they overcome their obstacles? What did they do when they faced failure? You can always find ways to relate and learn from someone else. How have they been an advocate for themselves? What talents do they have that helped them along their way? Even if their talents are different from yours, yours exist too and can help you flourish in an individual way.

Remember, the victim mentality isn’t good, and doesn’t serve anyone. Pulling other people down doesn’t make your life any better. Complaining will never improve a situation. Real action needs to take place.

Maybe it seems like someone has something they don’t deserve, and life just hands them what they want. It’s key to notice that whether you’re rich and famous or just scraping by, life has balance. Having money or success doesn’t make the bad days non-existent. The world’s most well known entrepreneurs aren’t spared from negative emotions and difficult circumstances. There’s value in balance; it’s important to have good and bad experiences in life!

At the end of the day, we’re all human. We all need a little help, and we all have some help to give.

Use envy as a signal. Find gratitude for the people who you’ve been envious of! They can show you the possibilities for your life.

Never believe that you’re incapable of attaining something. Sometimes you just need to get up, get going, and work a little harder or try a new approach. Your opportunities are endless!

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