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Thoughts Are Power

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Thoughts drive EVERYTHING else in our lives.

Thoughts are sentences in our minds that have the power to create FEELINGS, ACTIONS and RESULTS. Our THOUGHTS cause our FEELINGS. Our FEELINGS drive our ACTIONS. Our ACTIONS create the RESULTS we get in our lives. When we slow things down and start to pay attention to our thoughts, we see how this pattern holds true. Understanding this is a GAME CHANGER and THE BEST NEWS because we have the ability to choose what we want to think. One of the most effective ways to begin paying attention to what you’re thinking is to practice asking yourself great questions. Two things happen when you ask yourself a question.

  1. Your brain will go to work to answer it.

  2. Your questions are answered by thoughts.

Give yourself time to think. It’s okay if answers don’t come right away. Just allow the questions to be in your mind. Be curious and don’t judge yourself. Answers will come. A common occurrence that happens when first trying this is the tendency for your brain to answer with “I don’t know”. Be aware of this. It shuts your brain down and gives it nowhere to go. Instead, redirect to “I’m open to figuring it out” or, “I haven’t figured it out YET”. This allows your brain to explore possibilities. Here are some questions to get you started. What am I thinking? This question raises awareness and can provide meaningful insights into your patterns of thinking. Why am I choosing to think this? This question gives the responsibility for what you’re thinking back to you. How does this thought feel? Practice naming emotions with one word. What do I do (or not do) when I feel _____________? This question helps you understand how you respond or react to certain feelings. What is the result of my actions (or inaction)? This question allows you to see what your thoughts, feelings and actions create for you. What can I learn from this? This question gives you the opportunity to gain insights from your experiences. As you answer these questions honestly, remember the point is to be objective and curious, seeing what is true without harsh judgement or criticism of yourself. From there you’ll gain greater awareness and insight into your life that you wouldn’t otherwise have. You’ll recognize how powerful thoughts can be and learn to choose how you want to think and feel in a way that ultimately serves you.

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