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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

How to make your habits stick!

If you rewound time 10 years, and the younger you imagined who you would be today, you probably thought that you’d have a lot more figured out than you actually do. I know I did. I thought that wisdom and self-mastery automatically came with the passing of time. That somehow I would run my business with grace and ease, enjoy a perfectly balanced work and personal life, and finally be in the best shape of my life. WRONG! It’s the little everyday habits that lead to our big goals. A habit is a regular tendency or practice that is such a normal part of your life that it’s hard to stop. In order for me to presently be a better businessperson, have work/life balance, and be in tip top shape, I would have already had to create the habits that lead to those results. You may have noticed that the most beneficial habits tend to require self-discipline, while less beneficial habits are motivated so easily. For example, it requires self-discipline to wake up early to exercise before work, but when the alarm goes off at 5:00 A.M. we are motivated to hit snooze and stay in the comfort of our bed. Self-discipline = exercise Motivation = sleeping in So, how do we get the habits we want to stick? The example of exercise shows that motivation is easier to build habits from than self-discipline. Therefore, the more you can generate the emotion of motivation, the less self-discipline is required. All emotions are always available to every person with the ability to think. We create the emotion of motivation with our thoughts. When you choose to consciously think a thought that generates motivation for you, the habits you want will stick so much easier! So, get to work. Go find the thoughts that support your desired habits with motivation!

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