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Self Respect

Think of someone you really respect. In general, we respect people because we admire qualities, abilities, or achievements they have. What qualities do they have that you look up to? In what ways do you wish you were similar to them?

One quality that is very respectable is being someone that other people can count on. There is something very refreshing about knowing that someone will follow through with what they say they will do. It puts you at ease knowing you won’t need to micromanage someone if they’re supposed to do a task, or if a friend has this quality, it’s nice to know you won’t need to double check with them when you make plans.

Are you somebody that other people can count on? In other words, do you walk the talk? When our actions are consistent with our words and our intentions, it creates self respect.

When you set goals, how well do you uphold them? It’s really easy to give in to instant gratification once goals are set. Whether it be waking up early, becoming healthier, or becoming more educated. Reaching goals takes work! But, living an exceptional life doesn’t come from staying in our comfort zone or living a life of ease.

Whatever your goals are, whether they are to start something, stop something, or continue something, remind yourself of your potential in moments when you feel like giving in. We respect ourselves when we choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong! You will feel much better in the long run, because instant gratification does not create long lasting feelings of satisfaction.

It’s important to acknowledge that the people that we look up to aren’t perfect. They make mistakes, just like anyone else! We also respect people that handle sticky situations with grace. When they mess up, they take accountability and take the steps to fix their wrongdoings.

Entrepreneurs are always learning, and growing along with the development of their business. It is inevitable that you, as an entrepreneur, will make mistakes! But, you will learn to respect yourself in spite of your flaws when you handle situations in an appropriate way.

Business owners are looking for loyal customers. Customers will be loyal to businesses that take the actions to go above and beyond when there is a miscommunication or mess up, even more so than they would be if the business never messed up in the first place.

So, recognize your own abilities, achievements and qualities! If you have discovered that you don’t always do what you say you are going to do, make a change. Become more determined to follow through on your goals. We respect ourselves when we know we are putting forth our very best effort, and when we are actively trying to be better.

Self respect is great fuel for our actions. Make choices that cause you to be proud of yourself!

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