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Dealing With Circumstances

Circumstances are the things in our lives that exist outside of us. For example, other people’s opinions, the economy, and all the little things that our brains fixate on. We have opinions on what these circumstances should be like. Sometimes we can influence our circumstances, but we don’t always have the power to change them.

Sometimes our circumstances are just rough, and it can feel like we’re in a rut. In situations like this, it’s important to acknowledge what you’re feeling and do your best to process the emotions you’re experiencing. When we do this, we increase our ability to make wise decisions about our situation.

One way to feel better about your circumstances is to manage your expectations. Sometimes this means lowering your expectations so that you aren’t battling disappointment in your situation, and other times this means being realistic with the possibilities and outcomes of your circumstance. Checking in with your expectations can help provide clarity and help you view your circumstance from a healthy perspective.

Another way to feel better about your circumstances is to focus on things that you can control. You can control your thoughts. You cannot control other people’s thoughts. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can control your own. It’s not helpful to stress over things that are out of your control; stressing about them will never accomplish anything other than exhausting yourself.

Managing thoughts and expectations is easier in some cases than others, with that said, it’s important to understand how powerful your thoughts about your circumstances are, and how much they affect your experience. Circumstances do not cause certain thoughts. It’s the other way around. We get to choose what we want to think about a given circumstance. When we truly understand and practice this, we’ll create more peace in our lives and have the ability to successfully work through the different circumstances we’ll face.

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