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You know how when you’re having a really good hair day, everything else in your day seems to go better as well? You’re happier, you seem to be having the best luck, and even if something goes wrong, it could always be worse.

The difference between a good hair day and a bad hair day is confidence! What feels better than being confident? When you have confidence, the world is at your fingertips and you are more willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone and jump at new opportunities.

Many of the problems that we create for ourselves can be solved with confidence. For example, people pleasing. As business owners, we want to be successful and we want people to like what we have to offer. People pleasers will go to extreme lengths to manipulate other people’s perceptions of them to be viewed as accepted and likable, which is exhausting. But, if people pleasers could just be more confident they would trust that the right customers will come along who like their business the way it is. Confidence helps a business owner stay more authentic to their vision!

Confidence can also be the remedy to many anxieties. For a business owner, a common anxiety is a failed business. Someone who has confidence knows that even if their business fails, there are a million different ways to try again and they can recognize it as a positive reset and a new chance to do things better the second time around. They also have confidence that their business won’t fail because they are pushing themselves and analyzing the best things they can do for themselves and their growing business.

Confidence also helps us communicate more clearly. An important aspect of being an entrepreneur is being a good and strong leader. Leaders need to be able to communicate expectations and instructions clearly, so confidence will serve them well. Leaders also need confidence because they need to not only motivate themselves but the people who work under them.

So if confidence is the secret ingredient to success, how do we become confident?

The first thing that you can do to increase confidence is to affirm your strengths, talents, and accomplishments. Don’t take them lightly, you are a big deal!

Another thing you can do is set goals and take action to complete them. Reaching our goals can be very empowering and shows yourself how capable you are!

Next, be assertive. Don’t let other people push you around. Stick up for yourself; this will boost your self esteem and others will respect you too.

Finally, talk and think about yourself in a positive way. This will help boost your energy and is an easy thing to implement. When you start feeling insecure, switch your thoughts to view yourself in a more positive light!

If you practice these four things regularly you will invite confidence and all the benefits that come along with it into your life!

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